Zac Shipley (zacshipley) wrote in madgamers,
Zac Shipley

Welcome to MADGAMERS

After a recent thread in madisonwi, I found out there isn't a community just for Madison gamers. So I made one.

Rules are pretty basic: post about games. if you can play it with dice, pen & paper, controllers, keyboards, or plastic guitars its fair game. Doesn't matter if your goal is to beat a high score, a final boss, or the guy next to you, we're all gamers. On that note, be civil. I don't have time to energy to moderate this place full time, so don't make me feel like I have to.

My name is Zac Shipley. Aside from running geek blog Powet.TV, I'm also a freelance game journalist and have written several articles this year for The Isthmus.

join us at
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